Focus on the Power of Choice

I spoke recently about the power of choice. I began by explaining that we go within ourselves for joy, for power, to create. By going to a meditation center, we can look within and access our imagination.  Imagination is the gift that stirs our creative juices. With each experience we have, we gain the desire to create and our imagination builds on that. This is where the power of choice comes in.

We build a view of what we want, and then we make a choice to achieve that desire. When we decide something, we are “leaving out the possibility of any other than that decision coming true.” When we allow the possibility of negative outcomes into our minds, we are fooling ourselves. We may wonder “I really want to be a more loving person. If I want it, why hasn’t that love manifested itself in my actions?” The answer to that question is that our desire isn’t demonstrated in our life because we haven’t truly decided to do it. When we don’t truly decide, that’s when fear comes in, and we go back to where we started: unsure of who we are.

When we know who we are and access the power within us, there is no room for fear. To know who we are, we can meditate; we can go into the stillness of the meditation center, embrace the oneness and let go of any thoughts that are interfering with our decisions. Then we affirm the truth of who we are: the perfection of God. After we follow these steps at a meditation center, we become closer to accessing the power of choice.


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