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How to Better Self-Love – Part 6

Are you asking yourself, “What does self-actualization really mean? Do I need to live like a monk and meditate 24/7? Do I need to take a vow of poverty, feed the homeless, and do volunteer work to find my purpose?”

Well, if you’d like to do those things, you certainly have the freedom to do them. Are they necessary to get the self-actualization “results” you’re searching for? I’d say no. It’s much simpler than that. In my mind – and in my life experiences – it all starts with one simple question: Why am I here?

Relationship Insight #6 – Get Insight on the question “Why Am I Here?”

You see, if you take the time to answer that question first, then you will find the answers you seek. Don’t get me wrong. Volunteer work and helping others is a tremendous act of service. But it’s all about the intention you put behind it. Are you doing it out of obligation? Are you doing it because it’s something you think you SHOULD be doing? Or is it truly a calling that pulls at you every day?

That calling IS your purpose. If it is being of service as a volunteer, that’s fantastic. If it’s being of service to your profession, that is fantastic as well. It’s all about the intention you put behind the things you do. Living from your values will help get you closer to answering this question. I see my highest value – and my calling – as being a master teacher or guide who is here to serve others to discover how to better self-love through conscious living.

Others have their highest value as health and wellness, and they serve others by simply sharing that passion with people on their own or as their full-time profession. That simple question of “why am I here?” opens the door to authentic living. It brings to light your true values and essentially who you are at the core of your being.

Answering that question also opens you up to more authentic relationships with others. As you live your purpose-filled life, you’ll find yourself attracting relationships that support and encourage this life. And when that happens, you won’t be able to hide the smile on your face from all of the joy and freedom you experience each and every day.


  1. What about my sins? I believe Jesus has paid for my sins by dying on the cross.
    Most churches preach and teach people can’t have a relationship with God outside of Jesus.
    I know God is Love and he created everyone.
    I believe I need Jesus for my salvation. But I also question what about others who are not in the Christian world? I believe God loves them too.
    There are so many thoughts and teachings coming up everyday. I just want to have relationship with God that is true and pleasing to Him.

    • I think you are coming into a place where your inner soul says wait a minute something is not right here. My perspective is this no one knows what is right for you right for you but you. There is an essence call it God that is not only within you but is you. Jesus said to go within, I come here so you can have life more abundantly, It is not I but the father within me, this I do and you can do and more, and it is done unto you as you believe. With these clear statements, Jesus outlined everything we need to know about living our life. It is time for you to discern how you want to live your life and trust the power within you to guide and direct you. Stop caring what others think. They have their journey and you have yours. Trust that the power within you knows the perfect way for you.

      In love,

      Rev. Lee

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