Be the Light in the Midst of Chaos

I wanted to take a moment and talk to you about what is happening in the world today. You, I and everyone in the world are experiencing a tremendous amount of contrast. That contrast is coming to us in areas of our life that include our health, our wealth, and the inequality of systematic racism in this country and around the world. That contrast, which is being broadcast over all media is creating extreme personal and collective fear. My advice at this time is do everything that makes sense. Take care of your body, become a good steward of your money, listen to what is being said, and most of all, go within and ask, “What does my heart call me to be and do?”

What I have come to understand is that everything has a cause and what I believe the primary cause to our experience at this time is our connection or lack of connection with our oneness with all that is. What I’m going to suggest you to do at this time in particular is to tap in and find a way to begin and sustain a daily meditation practice, to let go of what is happening in the world and tap into that intelligence that you are a part of, the oneness that you are part of.

I would ask that you daily surround yourself in a white light bubble, and know that no matter what happens in the world, you are tapped into a higher power that is protecting you, that is guiding you step by step as you move through life. Know that this power protects you and that health is your natural state, that financial abundance is now yours and that you and everyone can now begin to see that we are all created equal and yet we are unique expressions in this world and that is how it is supposed to be. While doing this, I would invite you to bring all your loved ones into that same bubble and see these same truths for them. I believe if you do this every day, you will become a light in the world at a time when we so need to see light. And consequently, you will create a different experience for yourself and for your loved ones. This power is within you and it has always been within you, I ask you to step into it, to be the light, and when you are the light, your fear will disappear.


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