An Evening with Dr John Demartini

Sponsored by the Agape Center for Spiritual Living

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Understanding human behavior and the significance of human values in human behavior. Your values are your evaluations or judgments about what is most to least important in your life at any moment. They determine your world view and generate your behavior or why you do what you do. They determine what you label good or evil, moral and ethical, or what you respect or disrespect. They determine your sense of worth and identity. To understand or know yourself you must know your highest values. Your hierarchy of values can and do gradually or suddenly change and therefore so can your life.

Your three highest values or top ABC priorities are the primary (most important), underlying determinants of your perceptions, decisions, and behavioral actions. They determine your overall life strategies and results. These top three values and their corresponding perceptions, decisions, and actions will determine what you define to be an ordinary life of frustration and desperation or an extraordinary life of innovation and inspiration. Knowing them and living in accordance with them is crucial to living a fulfilling life. Your entire behavior depends upon them.

Questions that will be addressed:

  • How to understand unconscious habits or beliefs that you perceive don’t support the hierarchy of your values?
  • How to prioritize and fill your day with things that support the hierarchy of my values?
  • When people do their hierarchy are they still fooling themselves?

Cost: Free as a gift from the Agape Center for Spiritual Living
When: Thursday, September 17, 2020
Registration: 6:30 pm CST to 7 pm CST. Click Zoom Link that you have received
Talk: 7 pm CST
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This talk is live and interactive, so please be prepared to have your webcam on. Please have a pen and notebook ready for the duration of the talk.

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