BACK TO BASICS: Healthy Made Easy

Learn the truth about your body and how to fuel it right! This is a highly informative, provocative and fun class designed to educate you on various aspects of healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits and how to easily integrate them into your life.

This class includes the following topics:

•  The basics of healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.
•  Eating to improve chronic conditions and reduce inflammation and pain.
•  Eating to boost your energy and lose excess weight.
•  Eating to super charge your immune system.
•  Debunking common nutrition and health myths (be ready!).
•  Understanding food labels and deciphering marketing schemes from truthful health claims.

Course is 2-part series held on July 20 and August 3

Investment:  $100 paid in advance at

 Facilitated by:  Ronit Mor, ND


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