Creating Your Life Vision Workshop

You will be guided through a process where you will create your vision for life. This vision will be unique to you and will provide a deeper clarity, meaning and purpose to your life. Once completed you will have your framework from which to align every aspect of your life.

In this practical workshop you will:

  • Determine your top values.
  • Identity your predominant method of communicating
  • Understand the value of linking actions to your values
  • Create a detailed vision of your dream life in 6 areas.
  • Build powerful why’s (benefits) that will both support and empower your vision.

This workshop will be extremely beneficial to couples and singles who desire to have a deeper, more meaningful and supportive relationship. You will discover how knowing your vision brings purpose and joy to everyday life. You will no longer see things as in the way but rather as on the way to your success.

Investment: $250 Paid in advance at

Facilitated by Rev Lee Wolak

Class is capped on a first come first paid basis.


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