Values Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is for you to determine your top values and to learn how knowing them will bring a deeper clarity, meaning and purpose to your life.

In this practical workshop you will:

  • Determine your top values.
  • Identify the benefits of your personal values
  • Learn how to create your life purpose.
  • Provide greater clarity about making life choices.
  • Discover a new pathway to better communication.

This workshop would also be extremely beneficial to couples who desire to have a deeper, more meaningful and supportive relationship. You will discover how knowing your values and those of your partner, or any one you are interacting with, makes your life so much more harmonious.

Investment: $40 online
Facilitated by Rev Lee Wolak

Private one-on-one Sessions are available for $100.  
For availability, contact Rev. Lee Wolak


  1. Hello,

    I have been listening to your podcast for a few years and heard that you can register for the values workshop online and participate remote.

    Could I receive information on the next workshop and how to sign up online?

    Thank you for you for sharing your message.


  2. Same question as above from Andy. I would love to participate remotely since I live in the Washington. DC area.

    Thank you,


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