Meditation: It’s More Than You Think

This 8 week course is suitable for beginners or those wishing to deepen and expand their spiritual practice. In this class, you will discover what meditation can do for you; learn about and experience all eight basic types of meditation, so you can determine which one(s) work for your personality and lifestyle. Answer questions like what is meditation and what is its purpose? What are some of the benefits of meditating? With an innovative and inspiring structure, informative reading materials and gentle guidance, this class promises to take you deeper into your practice every day, for good!

Prerequisite:  None

Investment: $250 or $150 if you are signed up for automated giving. If on way to Inward Journey there is a $45 registration fee

Books:   An Easy Guide to Meditation (Roy Eugene Davis) and your choice of How to Meditate (Lawrence LeShan) or Journey of Awakening (Ram Dass)

Facilitator:     Jean Wolak RScP

Class is also available to be taken remotely on Zoom.



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