Mental Equivalents Class

Leap into a state of true potential by activating the powerful Law of Mental Equivalents. For every formed thing in the Universe there is a corresponding mental image. Discover how to measure and expand thinking to create a larger mental image so that one’s greatest desires may demonstrate.
Course Objectives
• Define the Law of Mental Equivalents
• Relate the Law of Mental Equivalents to the Creative Process
• Identify what you “want more of” and “less of” in your life
• Set an intention to move more clearly into what you “want more of” in your life.
• Determine willingness to take the leap into a state of true potential
• Evaluate obstacles and blocks getting in the way of an expanded mental equivalent
• Using a case study, compare and contrast the demonstrations of four individuals who work with a practitioner
• Examine other methods that can be used to create an expanded mental equivalent
• Develop a plan to continue to focus on the expansion of the mental equivalent
• Present and commit to your plan
Investment: $200. If you are signed up for automated giving this class $100 for Silver members and $1 for Gold members.
Facilitated by Rev Lee Wolak
Workbook will be sent to you via email once you have registered for course.

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