Spiritual Economics

This 8-week course will explore the laws that govern economics. Eric Butterworth is a leading teacher of new thought and looks at practical ways to build and live an abundant life. He uses the bible as his reference tool and metaphysically explains how it all works and fits together form a biblical perspective.
This course will be a deep exploration into the following areas:

  1. What is Prosperity
  2. Work and the Success Syndrome
  3. How to reverse Financial Adversity
  4. Security in a Changing World
  5. Discover the Wonder of Giving

This course will also be very practical and deal with real life challenges.

Prerequisite: Desire to understand and learn how to use prosperity principles in daily living.
Investment: $250 / Silver Members – $150 / Gold Members – Free
Facilitated by Rev Lee Wolak
Text Book: Spiritual Economics – Eric Butterworth


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