The Five Levels of Attachment

This 7-week course will explore how we have unwittingly made agreements about how we think we should live our lives and what we believe our personal truths are. This class provides you with a measuring stick to understand how tied up you are to any particular belief, idea or opinion.

This course will arm you with the awareness of which beliefs, ideas you are most attached to so you can better navigate the recurring situations in your life that cause you suffering, release any unhealthy beliefs that no longer serve you, and create a future that is in alignment with your true and authentic self.

This course will also be very practical and deal with real life challenges.

No Class on Memorial Day May 27th

Prerequisite: Desire to understand and learn how to use Personal Awareness of what is true for you in daily living.
Facilitated by Rev Lee Wolak
Investment: $250 / Silver Members – $150 / Gold Members – Free
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Text Book: The Five Levels of Attachment – Don Miguel Ruiz


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