Agape's Greatest Hits!!

Are You Easily Offended?

Rev Lee Wolak speaks about how being offended is a sign of weakness. We as a society have somehow come to believe that freedom of speech is no longer a right if what we say hurts someone. In this talk, Rev Lee discusses how no one can hurt you unless you give them permission. To live today requires spiritual maturity and an inner knowing of who you are.

Does expectation determine our destiny?

Rev. Lee Wolak shares his message, “Expectation Equals Reality.” This talk shows that when we are guided by the same intelligence and inspired by the same imagination that knows no limitation, we are only bound by our expectation. It is through spiritual practice that we are able to open our true unlimited potential and live with an expanded expectation.

Are You Aware?

Rev. Lee Wolak shares his message, “Are you aware?” It is our level of awareness that takes us out of being victims to being a creator of our own experience. Our level of awareness affects every area of out life. It is the only thing that matters. This talk contains informative slides.

Living a blended life

Rev. Lee Wolak shares “Living a blended life.” This talk explores how for us to live a self-empowered life we must be able to blend the all three areas of Spiritual, Mental and Physical into our conscious living. This a map of how to live our life to its fullest. Enjoy this talk and the chart (shown throughout) to help you create a more balanced life.