Sermons by Rev. Lee Wolak

Overcoming Life’s Greatest Obstacle

Rev. Lee Wolak of the Agape explores the topic “Overcoming Life’s Greatest Obstacle.” In this talk Rev. Lee discusses how we are our own greatest obstacle and we have the choice in every moment whether we allow ourselves to be blocked or move forward. When we are focused on what is most important to us, we see everything as a part of our journey and we open up to new possibilities in which we gladly pursue. Enjoy this video and share it with everyone you know.

What is our role in the Creative Process?

Rev. Lee Wolak explores the topic “What is our role in the creative process?” In this talk Rev. Lee discusses how we and we alone are responsible for our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. This is our responsibility if we want to be conscious creators and not victims of an average experience. He goes on to discuss that to demonstrate in any area of life we must create a clear image of what we want and then hold that image, in all our activities, and never let a contrary thought come into our mind.

Life is like a Teeter Totter

Rev. Lee Wolak explores the topic “Life is like a teeter totter.” In this talk Rev. Lee explains that sometimes we stay high. Sometimes we stay low. Sometimes we are in the middle. He explains how on one end is life experience and on the other end are our perceptions and to be in perfect balance we must let go of our expectation and just fully experience life. Coming back to center can always be achieved through our daily spiritual practice.