Sermons on Spiritual Growth

The Book of Love – Part 3 – How To Love Others

Rev. Lee Wolak continues his talk series “The Book of Love.” In this third chapter, Rev Lee explores the question “How to Love Others.” He discusses how our level of self-love is mirrored back to us in all of our relationships. He goes on to explain how life is a constant state of falling in love and every moment is an opportunity to go deeper into an all-encompassing expression of love.

How to Move Beyond Limitation

Rev. Lee Wolak shares a powerful talk entitled, “How to Move Beyond Limitation.” Rev Lee discusses how we must learn to think outside of our box to become free. He discusses how limitation is a result of not using our creative power for our desired purpose. When we don’t, we step into the role of the victim and we truly begin to die. However, when we create the image, build the belief, act as if, all regret and limitation disappear.

What is Life’s Greatest Challenge?

Rev. Lee Wolak shares a powerful talk entitled, “What is Life’s Greatest Challenge?” Rev Lee goes on to discuss how everything is an illusion and our job is to find Truth and the Truth can only be found as our level of awareness increases. Our ability to experience more, all depends on our level of awareness, the point from which we look at life.

The Road to Freedom

Rev. Lee Wolak shares a powerful talk entitled, “The Road to Freedom.” Rev Lee discusses that our freedom lies in our ability to choose, in each and every moment, with no limitations what-so-ever knowing that the laws of nature are always responding to us. It is knowing how to use this power that gives us our freedom.

Life is a Puzzle

Rev. Lee Wolak shares a powerful talk entitled, “Life is a Puzzle.” Rev Lee explains that our life is like a puzzle and we can take the puzzle apart and put it back together whenever and however we want. He goes on to say that our puzzle is never completed and we have to learn to be patient and wait for clues as to how to put pieces together.