Sermons from 2016 (Page 2)

Welcome to Agape TV!

Welcome to Agape TV. Each week Rev. Lee Wolak explores practical ideas that support us as we uncover who we are and our unique gifts. Rev. Lee believes that all relationships begin and end with self-love and he shares practical tools which when practiced cause us to be more self-loving through conscious living. We hope this channel inspires and motivates you to take action for the positive and spiritual changes you desire in your life.

How to create a meaningful relationship Part IV (Trust & Commitment)

Rev. Lee Wolak continues his series on relationships. Enjoy, ‘How to create a meaningful relationship Part IV’ and share with a loved one. This talk focuses on trust and commitment. We can only trust someone else to the degree we trust ourselves. Rev Lee explores how you can only trust yourself or your partner to live up to their highest values or habits that we have adopted because we believe it serves us.