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The search for meaning and deep inner self-acceptance starts here. Agape Spiritual Center provides global access for thousands of people like you to the tools for inner wisdom in creating meaningful spiritual growth.

Through our online presence and community, we are cultivating a safe and inclusive for individuals to claim their freedom, heal from past wounds, and step into their authentic power.

Whether you are looking for a greater connection, the freedom and safety to be more authentically yourself, or are on a quest to grow your consciousness and self-awareness to create a bigger impact on the world – let us show you how!

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Rev. Lee Wolak has prepared this message especially for you. If you are looking to go deeper into your own consciousness, and create a life rich with fulfillment, let Rev. Lee explain our unique approach that reaches beyond borders and rigid traditions to tap into the magnificent soul in each of us.

What Others Are Saying

About 18 months ago I decided I wanted to try and change my life – your YouTube videos [have] blown me away and I am so grateful that you made this series. You have opened my eyes (and mind!) even more to these wonderful teachings.

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You can get all-access, 24/7 to our rich content. From Sunday Services to classes, meditations, podcasts and daily inspirations, Agape Spiritual Center has built a community of support for your journey to greater consciousness. You can try most of them for free, and unlock even more benefits when you become a member.

Sunday Talks

Join our community online for meditation, inspiration and insight from our own Rev. Lee Wolak. All Sunday Talks are archived, so you never need to miss a thing!

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Join us for morning meditation.

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Knowledge without action is only an idea. We do more than share ideas, we provide classes where you can practice putting life-changing ideas into real action. Go deeper with us here.

Coaching with Rev. Lee

Personal Coaching is a process where one is led through questioning and accountability to improve their performance in any or all areas of life. Rev Lee will assist you as you formulate your own unique life vision and support you as you create your perfect life.

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