Welcome to Your Spiritual Home

Welcome to Your Spiritual Home

Agape Spiritual Center provides global access for thousands of people like you to inner wisdom tools. Together we are creating meaningful personal growth.

Whether you are looking for greater connection, the freedom and safety to be more authentically yourself, or are on a quest to grow your own consciousness and self-awareness to create a bigger impact on the world – let us show you how.


Agape means “unconditional love” – and that is what we practice. Our focus is on teaching practical, spiritual truths, wisdom and actions that create personal joy, and build stronger relationships as well as a deeply satisfying life.

As a trans-denominational, metaphysical, and New Thought spiritual teaching center we focus on universal spiritual principles, and not on a singular dogma.

We offer monthly classes, free daily inspirations, guided meditations, small group gatherings, and weekly Sunday talks. This provides you a wide array of channels to deepen your own self-awareness and grow your consciousness at the rate that is comfortable for you.

Our Values

Our values are the singularly most important, defining aspect of how we interact in the world. This is true for every individual and it is true for us, as a Spiritual Center, made up of individuals. These are the agreed upon and shared common values of the members of our community. We invite you to explore them and see if they are similar to your own values.

Every year we hold a Values Discovery Session for members of the community – and we invite you to join us on this deeply rewarding journey.