Grow with Agape!

Agape Center for Spiritual Living is a teaching community. We offer certified classes from The Centers for Spiritual Living. Through our classes, we give you the opportunity to explore spiritual laws and test them to see if they can really work for you. We don’t ask you to simply believe what we say – we want you to prove it to yourself!

Experience something new with some our special guests and in our workshops, check the events frequently for what’s coming up next!


Board Meeting

Sunday Services

Agape is a trans-denominational growing community. We embrace all paths to God and invite you to join us!

Introduction to Science of Mind Class

An Entry Level Introduction to the Background and Basic Principles of the Religious Science Philosophy. This will give you the basis from which we practice and allow you to experience a greater clarity as you continue your spiritual journey. Prerequisites: None Cost: FreeFacilitated by Rev. Lee WolakText Books: Workbook will be handed out in class

Men’s Group

Agape Men’s Group is open to all men. You are welcome whether it’s your first time or a regular or it’s been a while! Facilitated by: Rev Lee Wolak  

Retire on Purpose

Agape CSL Presents Mary Lyons, the Wealth Woman A truly satisfying and successful life is one in which you are free to pursue your greatest passions without money being a concern. • Learn how you might be able to retire early • Learn how you might be able to retire with more – 30-70% more in some cases • Come learn tricks…

Agape Women Empowered Support Group

This is an open event where we share and support one another as the empowered women we already are.. Come enjoy a nice, relaxing breakfast and meet some new friends.  

The Five Levels of Attachment

This 7-week course will explore how we have unwittingly made agreements about how we think we should live our lives and what we believe our personal truths are. This class provides you with a measuring stick to understand how tied up you are to any particular belief, idea or opinion. This course will arm you with the awareness of which beliefs, ideas…

Treat Yourself to Life

This 7-week course will teach you a tool that you can use to improve conditions in all areas of living. This technique is known as Mind Treatment. This is a practical technique for richer living that you can use in any area of life. Mind Treatment is easily practiced by oneself, and with immediate, often startling, results. The approach you will learn…

Spiritual Economics

This 8-week course will explore the laws that govern economics. Eric Butterworth is a leading teacher of new thought and looks at practical ways to build and live an abundant life. He uses the bible as his reference tool and metaphysically explains how it all works and fits together form a biblical perspective. This course will be a deep exploration into the…