Grow with Agape!

Agape Center for Spiritual Living is a teaching community. We offer certified classes from The Centers for Spiritual Living. Through our classes, we give you the opportunity to explore spiritual laws and test them to see if they can really work for you. We don’t ask you to simply believe what we say – we want you to prove it to yourself!

Experience something new with some our special guests and in our workshops, check the events frequently for what’s coming up next!


Board Meeting

Sunday Services

Explore the Agape Center For Spiritual Living in Plano, Texas with Rev. Lee Wolak.Find out what makes this trans-denominational growing community a welcoming and popular place to learn, share and feel joy. We embrace all paths to God, and invite you to join us! Meditation – 10:00am to 10:30am To provide a meditative atmosphere a sign is placed on the door to…

Men’s Group

Agape Men’s Group is open to all men. You are welcome whether it’s your first time or a regular or it’s been a while! Facilitated by: Rev Lee Wolak

Agape Empowered Women’s Breakfast

This is an open event where we share and support one another as the empowered women we already are. Come enjoy a nice, relaxing breakfast and meet some new friends.  

2020 Path of the Lotus Retreat with Reverend Lee Wolak

Be gentle.Find peace.Take what you need.Give what you can.Soften your grip and let go. Find your authentic self on the 10-day Spiritual Retreat with Reverend Lee Wolak. Discover a softness within yourself cradled by the exquisite beauty of Bali…Dive Inward, Explore Outward Bali Path of the Lotus. Join Reverend Lee Wolak on a pilgrimage to Bali, the Island of the Gods.April 9th –18th…