Grow with Agape!

Agape Spiritual Center is a teaching community. Through our classes, workshops and sessions we give you the opportunity to explore spiritual laws and test them to see if they can really work for you. We don’t ask you to simply believe what we say – we want you to prove it to yourself!

Experience something new — check the events frequently for what’s coming up next!

Class-Basic Principles of Science of Mind

This course is an in-depth exploration of the power within you and how it works.  This power can: 

  • lift your life to its highest level  
  • change illness into health 
  • bring peace amid turmoil 
  • cultivate success

Class-A New Design for Living

This 7-week class is for those who truly want to go deeper into the study of the Science of Mind.

Nothing lies beyond the scope of your ability. We will explore how the new design

Class-The Power in You

Life can feel hard at times, and our dreams stay out of reach. Success just isn’t happening as planned. It might be the right job, a perfect life partner, better health or more income. Whatever

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation

It will be the 1st Sunday of every month from 12 pm to 1:30 pm

The only deviation is the month of March where it will be on the 12th

Rev Lee has scheduled time …

In-Person Healing Service

5th SUNDAY OF THE MONTH, 10:30am CST (in place of our normal Sunday service)

When we open our hearts, we open ourselves to give and receive the miracle of life.

This healing service incorporates meditation,