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Agape Center for Spiritual Living is a teaching community. We offer certified classes from The Centers for Spiritual Living. Through our classes, we give you the opportunity to explore spiritual laws and test them to see if they can really work for you. We don’t ask you to simply believe what we say – we want you to prove it to yourself!

Experience something new with some our special guests and in our workshops, check the events frequently for what’s coming up next!

Board Meeting

Basic Principles of Science of Mind

This course is an in-depth exploration of the power within you and how it work.  This power can:  lift your life to its highest level   change illness into health  bring peace amid turmoil  cultivate success out of failure  foster companionship and happiness out of loneliness Prerequisites:  None Instructor: Rev. Lee Wolak, Sr. Minister &Founder, Agape Center for Spiritual Living Class Location: Zoom…

The Five Agreements

This course will explore how to master awareness and take back control of your life.  Each student will develop a better understanding of how and where to put their focus to become self-empowered as they deal with everyday life.  This course will be dive into the five agreements:  Be impeccable with your word   Don’t take anything personally  Don’t make assumptions  Always do…