Guided Meditations

Self-Worth Meditation

You are special! Experience with me an affirmation driven meditation that helps you to know, embrace, and accept your self-worth.

Creating a Greater You – Meditation

This guided meditation will assist you as you shift the focus of your subconscious mind and in doing so creating a greater you. This meditation will relax you and build your inner self-image which in turn will attract to you like experiences. Each affirmation will follow a moment of silence so you can repeat….enjoy and share with someone you love.

Bala Meditation – Align Your Chakras

Take a “meditation break” with me as I introduce you to the Bala Meditation. The Bala Meditation is a simple meditation that opens up the flow of pranic energy between the chakras. This meditation removes toxic elements within you that include anger, lust, greed, ego and hate.With this removal your being returns to a balanced state where you experience peace and love.