The purpose of a private Individual Coaching Session is to learn how to better self-love through conscious living. You will also receive tools that help you understand what it means to nurture and love yourself and find peace and balance in every situation.

In these sessions, we will:

  1. Address the issue that is most affecting you and causing you distress.
  2. Begin to change your perspective on how to use these events or situations for your personal growth.
  3. Be given tools to bring these events into balance and find inner peace.
  4. Learn how to reinvent yourself and grow into your authentic self.
  5. Learn how to listen and communicate more effectively with yourself and others.

Facilitator: Rev. Lee Wolak, Sr. Minister and Founder, Agape Center for Spiritual Living

Class Location: The Zoom meeting link will be included in your confirmation email.

Session Length: Approximately 1 hour.

Session Fee: $100

Interested in an Individual Coaching Session? Email to get started.