We Affirm

An affirmation is a positive statement asserting that the goal the thinker wishes to achieve is already happening. They are effective tools for training your thoughts and feelings regarding what you desire to experience in your life.

To write Affirmations which are effective and powerful for you:

  • Make them personal, begin with I AM, I KNOW, I LET….
  • Write them in present tense, as if it is happening now.
  • Use active language, verbs which indicate action, your experience occurring as you speak.
  • Use feeling language, words that induce the emotional experience you desire.
  • Keep them short, one sentence, easy to remember, easily repeatable.
  • Use personal terminology – words that are important to you, words that evoke the appropriate experience and feeling within you.
  • Be specific, and refrain from outlining: state WHAT and leave out the HOW. 
If your affirmation doesn’t feel right, keep rewriting it until it does.
  • One of the most effective ways to use affirmations is with Prayer Beads. The video below will demonstrate how to use them.

Other ways to use affirmations are:

  • Put your affirmation in places where you can easily see it to remind you to keep it in your thought.
  • Repeat it often, speaking enthusiastically and powerfully, with feeling. Do this at least 3 times per day, when you wake up, mid-day and when you go to sleep.
  • Write your affirmation out repeatedly in your journal.
  • Record the affirmation and play it back to yourself while doing 
activities around the house, driving, or going to sleep.
  • Visualize yourself in the experience that the affirmation describes, feeling the feelings, seeing what your world looks like around you. Actually be in your body experiencing your body, seeing with your eyes and feeling with your feelings! The stronger the felt experience the greater the message placed into the action of Spirit. 
Enjoy your affirmation process, have fun, and play with making affirmations a part of your life.