Workshop: Making the Dating Process Fun

This workshop will be very interactive. We will discuss the dating process as it often is today. We will focus on creating a dating process for you that is fun, and easy.

In this practical workshop you will:

  • Determine your top 4 or 5 values the person should possess that you are looking for in a relationship.
  • Determine if your top values would attract that person.
  • Determine your “deal killer list” of characteristics of the person you are seeking in a relationship.
  • Learn how to remove your “happy ears” in conversations.
  • Learn how to quickly and easily discern when it is time to “move on” and have this conversation in a way that is easy, pleasant, and no one gets their feelings hurt.

This workshop is designed for people who do not find the dating process particularly fun, easy, and enjoyable. We will design a system for you to use to quickly figure out when to move forward in a relationship and when to say goodbye.

Investment: $25.00 Paid in advance at

Facilitated by Susie Morrissey, RScP


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