Agape’s licensed Practitioners are available to affirm the Truth of your unique expression of Divine within. If you are experiencing a challenge, loss, or you have the desire to change your life, then a session with a Practitioner is a supportive choice to honor your innate ability to create a Higher level of well-being, life balance and increased Spiritual self-awareness. They are available for a brief prayer after Sunday Celebration, and they answer prayer requests submitted by the community.

The fundamental tool of the Professional Practitioner is a form of affirmative prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Religious Science Practitioners are specifically trained to utilize this prayer approach to shift perspective, focus attention, and redirect thoughts and beliefs at a conscious level. During a Spiritual Counseling session, you may gain information and insights that increase Spiritual self-awareness impacting your power of choice, faith, feelings and thoughts. Trust that practical tools and information offered in a Spiritual Counseling session have been applied in the Practitioner’s own personal Spiritual Practice.

Our Professional Practitioners have completed a minimum of four years training and are licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living.