We Give

When we’re not receiving all the blessings we desire, it is because we’re not sharing with others the blessings that we have in a wise and openhearted way. ~ Ernest Holmes

The spiritual practice of Sacred Giving begins with the recognition that it is part of our nature to give and to receive. Our inner life deepens when we make a conscious plan to give. We experience a greater satisfaction when we are part of the flow of life. The way to happiness lies in consciously choosing to be a part of the Divine flow of life. This includes being willing to share our lives, our time, our talents and our money with others.

At Agape, we teach that tithing is not a practice we should do out of a sense of obligation, but something we choose to do out of a generous spirit of love and giving.  We promote the message that your tithe is to be given freely and joyously to whatever feeds you spiritually. Most importantly tithing is a demonstration of faith that God is our source of abundance.

Traditionally, tithing is giving 10% of your gross earnings.  If 10% inspires you then go for it. However, any amount that stretches you and makes you examine and move through your beliefs around lack and limitation is the percentage with which we encourage you to begin your tithing practice.  If that is 5%, 8% or 20%, it is yours to take into prayer to know the right amount for you.

Be sure to consider not only where you are giving to, but is giving heart centered.  One thing that is absolutely necessary: whatever the amount, it must be given with love. If a tithe is given with underlying motives of trying to get more – then you will not experience the gifts and freedom of this amazing practice.

We encourage you to give tithing a chance to prove that prosperity is your birthright. Agape has many ways to support you on your journey of expanding your prosperity consciousness.  Check out our upcoming Prosperity and abundance workshops and classes. Give yourself the gift of a Practitioner session to support you in your revelation of abundance.

All the spiritual practices we practice at Agape have one very important common goal: they all lead to a higher consciousness, a deeper love of self and a personal connection to God. Tithing is no exception – give it a try, you’re worth it.

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. ~ Kahlil Gibran