Rev. Lee Wolak

Rev. Lee Wolak is the founder and Senior Minister of the Agape Spiritual Center in Frisco, Texas. His mission is to expand human awareness through teaching others how to live consciously and experience a fulfilled, and meaningful life. Agape, which was founded in March of 2009, is an inclusive community where individuals come to learn, practice, and share their journey of self-discovery. Rev. Lee teaches practical spirituality and a way of life that includes meditation, affirmative prayer, affirmations, forgiveness, visualization, and gratitude.

He has chosen to focus in the field of relationships and is constantly seeking to better understand their purpose and how they best work. Lee is in a life-long relationship with his wife, Jean. Together, they have three sons and a beautiful granddaughter.

Rev. Lee loves to travel, exploring human behavior and spirituality from all perspectives. Rev Lee has taken sacred pilgrimages to various parts of India, Nepal, Mount Kailash, and Peru.  Through these travels, he understands that in order to have a meaningful relationship, it all begins and ends with self-love. A concept that holds true no matter where you are in the world. He is an avid student of Dr. Demartini and is a Licensed Values Facilitator.

In his daily Facebook and YouTube Podcast, Thoughts Can Change Your Life, Rev. Lee discusses how we can use practical spiritual tools to live with a greater sense of awareness, experiencing a life overflowing with love and fulfillment.

Rev. Lee is a Licensed Values Facilitator with the Demartini Institute. He is also author of the book “The Power In You”.