How to Meditate? – Part III

So, we’ve covered the basics of what meditation is and why you should meditate. Now, in the final blog of our three-part meditation series, I’m going to get into how to meditate. Maybe you’ve seen images and/or videos of someone meditating. Did you notice the person’s position they were in as they meditated? What about the environment in which they were meditating?…

What is Meditation? – Part I

Meditation. Once an afterthought or foreign ritual reserved for other people/countries, it’s a concept that has become the new “trend” of the western world as consciousness grows and awareness in the Self, becomes more important to the masses. That’s why you’ve seen things like Deepak Chopra leading Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show audience through an on-air, two-minute meditation. Didn’t get a…

Guided Meditations

Mediation is a large part of our practice at Agape. I will continue to record various types of meditations for you to use in your daily practice or whenever you feel the need to go within. Access the meditations in Rev’s Blog and under the Meditation section in ‘What We Practice”.