How to Better Self-Love (Part 1-6)

How to Better Self-Love – Pt. 1

Welcome to the Agape Center for Spiritual Living blog. This is the place where we’ll dive in deeper and explore different areas of life to help you discover how you can learn to better self-love. We’re starting with a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. It has been a tremendous part of my life. I’m talking about relationships.

Relationship is a word that means so much to so many people. There are countless books, magazines, and movies to prove that. But what does it mean to you? What is your idea of the perfect relationship? Is there even such a thing? And why is there so much pain in so many relationships?

Perfection and pain are all about perspective. In most of the relationships we have, we are unconsciously seeking fulfillment from outside of ourselves. But that’s not what relationships and love are all about.

What Is Love?
Love isn’t something you do or something you make. It is about acceptance and seeing the divine in ourselves and our partner. It is a way of being and living life. The truth I know about relationships is that the times we get hurt are the times we give away our power.

Relationship Insight #1 – Master Self-Love
Before you can love someone else, you must first love yourself. And self-love has to do with knowing who you are. It’s about knowing that you are more than just your physical presence. That’s only one aspect of us. We have a body, mind and a soul that is the expression of the infinite. That soul is perfect. It is whole. It is complete. There is nothing missing.

When you realize that nothing is missing from who you are, you’ll realize how powerful you are. And when you start living in that power and being true to your soul, you will attract the friends and life partner that will support and grow you as you create and live a purpose-filled life.