How to Better Self-Love (Part 1-6) (Page 4)

Relationship Insight #4 – Even If You’ve Done Something You Aren’t Proud Of, It Was Probably The Best You Could Do At That Time

As you grow in your awareness, you’ll realize there are things you could’ve done differently, maybe even what you would consider “better.” I admit that if I was in the place of awareness and self-love I’m in now when I had my sons, I would’ve been a better father. But at that time, I knew that I was doing what I needed to be the best father possible.

Mistakes and missteps are just the steps along your journey to self-awareness and self-love. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT beat yourself up over mistakes you make in any relationship. I’ve written before about these portrayals of “perfect relationships” we see in movies and TV shows. It’s all about perspective. When you eliminate good and bad from the equation, take a step back and look at your journey through this life, you’ll see for yourself that there is growth in everything you do.

When you stop growing and stop living through the values that define your life, the quality of your relationships will inevitably suffer. But if you can come from a place of awareness and self-love, you can bring that energy to any relationship and see if blossom and thrive as you continue your life’s journey.


  1. What about my sins? I believe Jesus has paid for my sins by dying on the cross.
    Most churches preach and teach people can’t have a relationship with God outside of Jesus.
    I know God is Love and he created everyone.
    I believe I need Jesus for my salvation. But I also question what about others who are not in the Christian world? I believe God loves them too.
    There are so many thoughts and teachings coming up everyday. I just want to have relationship with God that is true and pleasing to Him.

    • I think you are coming into a place where your inner soul says wait a minute something is not right here. My perspective is this no one knows what is right for you right for you but you. There is an essence call it God that is not only within you but is you. Jesus said to go within, I come here so you can have life more abundantly, It is not I but the father within me, this I do and you can do and more, and it is done unto you as you believe. With these clear statements, Jesus outlined everything we need to know about living our life. It is time for you to discern how you want to live your life and trust the power within you to guide and direct you. Stop caring what others think. They have their journey and you have yours. Trust that the power within you knows the perfect way for you.

      In love,

      Rev. Lee

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